TransBorgaro 20 november 2016: the race, now in its 38th edition, changes location

Only for this year, the event will no longer be in the area of Via Lanzo, but will move in via Garibaldi. The next races will take place in the former Torinello Area.

by Giada Rapa

Bruno Morselli

Bruno Morselli

Borgaro – The historic motocross race, now in its 38th edition, brings it with a double change of location. The competition moves from the main road of via Lanzo to find, in via Garibaldi, a temporary arrangement. Temporary because, from 2017, the TransBorgaro will find a “permanent home” at the former Torinello area in via Stati Uniti, all renewed. “This double change” – explains the President of ASD Borgaro Motocross and Event Organizer Bruno Morselli – “is due to the fact that we were afraid of not having the technical time to adequately prepare the track in the new area of Torinello. Apart from the location, the race is quite similar to previous years, with the participation of many international renowned pilots “.

Is the very participation of multi-established champions, who during the races will compete with “pure amateurs“, that made the TransBorgaro a race with an unique formula in the world, which no doubt contributes to its success not only in Italy, but also  abroad.

2“Last year our competition has had the honor of ending up in an American magazine, the Motocross Action, which dedicated 8 pages to TransBorgaro” continues with pride Morselli, which also emphasizes the importance of collaboration with the administration in organizing events of this kind. “The cooperation with the Municipalty over the years has always been excellent, is hard to find an administration so interested” Also this year, with internationally renowned names such as Samuli Aro, Ivano Bessone, Broc Glover, Alessandro Puzar, Pekka Vehkonen and many others, the race, scheduled for november 20, promises to excite many fans. The only worry is related to the weather, but Morselli is cautiously optimistic. “We were lucky the past years, so hopefully it’ll continue this way” he concluded.

COMPETITION PROGRAM – Start time at 10 am with the Family Cup, while at 12 will start the races Years ’70 / ’80 / ’90. Admission is free, with the possibility of going into the paddock and get autographs from favorite riders. For the direct participation in the competition, though, is needed  an invitation.